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Friday Flowers

On a recent trip to the grocery store (which you will read more about on Monday) I came across a huge sale in the floral department. $5 orchids and $3 Gladiolus! I usually dont have fresh flowers unless it is for a special event-but I think I am going to change that. There is something about fresh flowers in your home that make everything so lovely-even if there are crushed cheetos under your feet and dirty socks in the corner-the fresh flowers just seem to make all those things disappear!
And the little florist lady told me the secret to watering Orchids: 3 ice cubes placed on top of the dirt once a week. Even I can do that! but keeping my 2 yr old from eating the ice out of the dirt may prove to me a challenge!

Roses, Bells of Ireland & Snapdragons

Have a great weekend!!! See you Monday!

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