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It's Complicated

I think I liked it a lot better than I had anticipated... I certainly liked it better than those whom I saw the movie with. The storyline is not fast paced and is not complicated (ironic, I know). But it is a fun story. I like the concept of love existing over a huge span of time even if it was not consistent throughout the whole length of time. . Meryl Streep is cute and whimsical in this film, displaying every raw confusing emotion that one may experience in her character's situation. Alec Baldwin is just funny... an obsessive man who will do anything to make thing work out for himself. And Steve Martin is charming and sensitive. The cast worked well together! And with this collaborative cast, there were no flaws in the acting! . This is not a hilarious comedy, but more of a cute giddy romance. I'd recommend it, but I'm glad I waited for DVD on this one! . RATING: B . Official Movie Site

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