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Janelle Monae - The ArchAndroid

This is a very unique recording. Every track has a different sound. The album crosses many genres such as jazz, pop, ambient, rock, and dance. I'm not certain you could really classify this album as any one type. . Janelle has a soft, yet strong, voice and is powerful with her vocal similarities to a young Jackson 5 Michael Jackson. Especially on songs like "Tightrope." She can do that old school Motown sound mixed with modern beats. . My favorite track is "Dance or Die" with a pop sound but layered with softer vocals and sampled sounds. This album is definitely over-produced, but it does not hinder the quality. Much of the album contains tracks that have multiple layers. Most of them blend nicely together! . She is not radio friendly, but I believe she will be popular by being different. Word spreads quickly about talented and interesting artists that are different from the run of the mill... and that's Janelle Monae! . RATING: A- . Dance or Die

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