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Kylie - Aphrodite

The "Aphrodite" album is out, and it's disco oriented beats are amazing. With track titles like "Put Your Hands Up" and "Can't Beat the Feeling," you get a quick idea of what the sound may be like... if you guessed dance... you are correct! . My favorite track is "Get Outta My Way." It's rumoured to be the follow-up single to "All the Lovers," which I posted about previously. "Get Outta My Way" is fast and racing through the beat, with amazing catchy vocals! Many of the tracks reminisces disco sounds used in other modern albums like Goldfrapp's "Head First" and Madonna's "Confessions." Playing off of that classic sound that continues to reign the pop charts. . Kylie has come a long way from the "Locomotion." This album is a testament to her hard work and continuous growth! As always, it will still be difficult to bring her popularity to U.S. radio, but she'll shine with this album in Europe and her home Australia! . RATING: A+ . Get Outta My Way (Sophmore Extended Mix) .

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