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I was not sure I would, but did, enjoy this movie. This is a NetFlix or RedBox special! The music is great, the choreography fabulous, and the story just ok... the movie (and musical) is lacking a solid plot. . Each of the numbers were visually stunning. Kate Hudson takes the prize with her rendition of Cinema Italiano is amazing, loads of glitz and glam! Marion Cotillard was also incredible as Guido's wife. Daniel Day Lewis, well, I think he gave it the best he could... his singing was not anything to write home to my parents about. . As far as musicals into the cinema format, I'd say they did a good conversion overall. Some stage productions, just cannot become movies... .but here they did ok! . Anyone interested in Italy should at least give the movie a go! It definitely makes Italy seem very appealing. . RATING: B+ . Official Movie Site

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