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Scary Movie 5 - The Comedy Franchise Continues

"The project was announced back in 2009 and it was said that director David Zucker, who helmed the previous two movies in the series as well as some of greatest spoof movies of all time (like Airplane!) would be back helming it, though there's been no definite word whether series regulars Anna Faris and Regina Hall would be joining him. There have even been a number of presumably fake posters that have cropped up in the last few years there are certainly a lot of horror movies worth spoofing since the previous Scary Movie 4 was released over five years ago. There's Paranormal Activity for one and all the alien invasion movies that have been released in recent months. Who knows? Maybe they can even spoof Wes Craven's Scream 4 being that the original Scary Movie was basically a spoof of that series. Right now, we have no other information other than the release date of April 20, 2012, but we'll definitely be working on it in the weeks to come."

Source: ComngSoon.Net

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