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Sex and the City 2

I'm just going to say it because of all of the movie's haters out there... I LOVED IT! . I think it does matter with whom you see the movie. I saw it with one of my friends who was an original SATC fan; and we laughed through the whole film. I found it to be highly entertaining and laugh-out-loud hilarious! . The movie was in many ways better than the first. There were no major serious tones to this movie. Mostly it was an accepting of where you are in life type of movie. I found the message to be very uplifting... and easy to relate to. . Samantha is by far the best character. Kim C. will keep you rolling with her one liners and sexual innuendo. The other girls are just as fabulous. Highlights are Liza's "Single Ladies", Charlotte's bra-less nanny, Carrie and Aiden, and Samantha's condom outburst in the middle of the spice market... LOL! . For the true fans... don't listen to the critics... You're gonna love it! . RATING: A . Official Movie Site

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