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The Road

A hard pill to swallow... what happens at the complete breakdown of society and the way of living that we know of today? This movie partially answers the question... Chaos. . At the end of times, the struggle for survival is more than just trying to find food. As this Father and his son find out on their long journey to the shore. Always on the lookout and never knowing what they are going to find... sometimes lucky and sometimes not. . I have to say it is very dark as a movie and not a whole lot of plot. However, the simplistic nature of the film is what haunts you... it makes you really wonder, what would people do to survive... what would they result to doing... the worst things imaginable. . Interestingly, the kid is so innocent. I found it an interesting concept to have the child character never know any other world than the one he is currently trying to survive. His innocence in the movie caused me to rethink the meaning of normal existence. Overall, movie was ok, not great, but interesting! . RATING: B-

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