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Tiefschwarz - Chocolate

Tiefschwarz is back with a new album following the success of their album "Eat Books" from 2005 - 2006. The master work of these two DJ's still results in some hard deep house beats. This time though, the album is lacking in vocals.

Part of what made "Eat Books" so great was the vocals and lyrics. When you have track after track on an album loaded with just fun beats... the listener starts to get bored. However, I will say that they were very creative on some of their tracks. For instance, "The Whistler" takes you on a dance version through an entirely whistled tune... it's a lot of fun and a bit campy!

My favorite track is "Home" featuring Crooner's front runner Daniel Wilde. It's a dark and sensual house beat. Take a listen below. His vocals on the track are a perfect match to the overall sound of the song.

Overall, it's a good album. I would have done more vocals, but that's just me!


Home (Featuring Daniel Wilde - (Right Click Here and Choose Save As)

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