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Crazy for cow (cowhide that is)

I have to admit Im the last one to jump onto the cowhide love. Being a vegetarian, cows just don't appeal to me. AND being from Texas I have a confession, I hate all things cowboy, there I said it. (I feel better). BUT these rugs, these beautiful cowhides have just wormed their way into my heart. It all started with Sally Wheats' recently redesigned sitting room I blogged about here.If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a few pics of my new creamy cowhide I purchased:

Here are some more inspiration photos I have been drooling over lately:

Lauren Liess- Master Bedroom

Via: DecorPad

Via: So Haute

Via DecorPad

And what about these- patchwork cowhides from Kyle Bunting? Who happened to be featured in Rue Magazines latest Issue (Texas style). Gorgeous right?

Via: Kyle Bunting

Via: Kyle Bunting

Via: Kyle Bunting **Please if you are going to pin these photos, please click over to Kyle's website and pin from the original source. So knowing all good & well Im not at a place where I can afford one of Kyle's masterpieces. I did find this: Cowhide, Chevron, what more could you want??

And now the question Im asking myself, are two cowhides one too many?? Would putting this chevron cowhide in my dining room over cow-ify my space?? thoughts?? AND did you know that pure cowhide is naturally stain repellant? like even red wine repellant (so they say). So what are your thoughts? are you into the "cow" or is it too "cow-boy" for you? Im thinking we need to ask Elizabeth over at The Mustard Ceiling to do a Tuesday's BAM or SLAM on cowhides. So what say you? yay? or nay? Tomorrow we'll talk about Deer heads. (kidding)... ... Of course I did get a pair of antlers from the flea market... ... Check ya'll later! (in my best Texas accent)

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Crazy for cow (cowhide that is) + work