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This movie is now out on DVD. I saw it in November last year in the theatre; and I must say, it is definitely a theatre move. I do have a big screen tv, but even that would not give these larger than life visuals any kind of justice. I was surprised when this didn't make the nominee list for visual effects.

The plot was a typical end of times story with a Noah's ark sort of twist. Generally, I was entertained. I did see it very late at night and did not fall asleep, which is good for me if it's a late movie! So my conclusion is that it must have been exciting.

John Cusak does a good job as the star hero. Amanda Peet is always good in my book, but this was a strange role for her, angry wife sidekick! Overall the acting was the best it could be with the script they had to work with at the time. But let's be honest, if you are going to get this DVD to watch from NETFLIX, you are not watching it for the acting... you want to see the world end and be horrified by it. It's true that the movie only made me think more about what are all of the different ways we may see earth change so tragically.

I particularly found it intriguing to see California sink into the ocean... something we are taught in geography and science as something that seriously could happen. And now lately hearing about all of the earth quakes: Haiti, Chile, and now Taiwan... well it kind of makes you think... what's happening?



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