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Christina Aguilera - Bionic

A new Direction, more mature, but still sexy... Christina is back after another longer break between albums (aside from a greatest hits collection released in between). Bionic has a new sound than the previous Christina albums. There is more of an indie - electronic feel to the album. It's refreshing that she continues to reinvent herself. All proper pop divas should!

"Elastic Love" and "Glam" are interesting pop tracks which shine more with electronic pops and and dance beats than they do with strong vocals from Christina. Whereas, "Lift Me Up," a solid power ballad, will bring you to a new level of Aguilera's vocal abilities. She doesn't have to prove to anyone that she still has a voice.

My favorite track is by far the first single "Not Myself Tonight." It's fun and catchy... besides, don't we all want to have a night out occasionally, where we feel other than ourselves! At least this is my favorite this week... this is the kind of album, where I may have a new favorite each week for awhile! Great release, Christina!


Lift Me Up

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Christina Aguilera - Bionic + MUSIC