A Vintage Crate + trip


So Im sitting here today typing to you with frozen veggies on my neck & shoulder and frozen fruit on my back. Why, you ask?Well it all started with this great idea my sister & I had. She had asked me to help her redecorate her master bedroom. She liked the stripes that I had done in my dining room and wanted them on the focal wall of her bedroom.

So as I was taping my little heart out from the top of the ladder (and I will admit here that I was NOT standing on it properly) I went to move and the ladder went one way and I went the other. 1st banging my head against the wall, the crumpling up and slowly sliding down the wall as the ladder pulled my feet out from under me. I ended up on my side landing on top of the ladder. I broke the pencil I was holding and bent the ladder.

And of course as soon as it was over and my sister made sure I was alive- we both "tweeted" about the incident. We are dorks!
So after my visit to my chiropractor today- I have a rib out of place and lots & lots of bruising. BUT the good news is- her walls look awesome!! and I cant wait to show you the after shots!

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DIY-Disasters + trip