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Love And It's Opposite: Tracey Thorn
Love And It's Opposite

I'm so excited for this album! Tracey Thorn is another unique voice that can be distinguished on the first few seconds of any track. She's the former lead vocalist for the band "Everything But The Girl." Now she's back for another solo album following her 2006 album "Out of the Woods." She is rumoured to have worked with Hot Chip on this new album. That in and of itself makes me want to buy the album. She's also now appearing on fellow EBTG member Ben Watt's record label. The first single is out. It is a soft ballad entitled "Oh the Divorces." I think this is foolery... There are electronic dance pop gems waiting to be released from the album that have not yet been revealed. I must say that the first song is quite an ironic song lyrically.
The track list will be as follows:
1. Oh, The Divorces!
2. Long White Dress
3. Hormones
4. Kentish Town
5. Why Does The Wind?
6. You Are a Lover
7. Singles Bar
8. Come On Home To Me
9. Late In The Afternoon
10. Swimming.

The Album is out May 18th! Be sure to pick up a copy! Oh, The Divorces!

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Love And It's Opposite: Tracey Thorn + love