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Where Else Would You Want To Be?

Oh, these wonderful days of spring. Here in Charlotte it's been in the 80's the past few days and this picture from the website Paddyo makes me want to go out to the porch, throw away the old furniture and start over again. Well, maybe my husband would be happier if I just went out there and dusted off the pollen instead.

Outdoor living is huge right now. With the advancements in weatherproof foam, uv materials for furniture and outdoor fabrics from companies like Sunbrella, why sit inside? And it's not only about the furniture anymore, today's outdoor rooms are framed with drapery panels that help to protect the area from the hot sun or an afternoon shower.

The drapes you see are relaxed style with grommets. They cut out a little return that curves around the column for added privacy. Drapes made with outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella resist mold and the color will stand up for years, even in direct sun. It looks like another pretty day here so I think I'll take my laptop, dust off the table and chairs and spend the afternoon working from the porch. Now, where's the windex??

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