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Bay Window Ideas

Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any room. The bay shape can be a simple bump-out or a multi-angled circular shape. The bay window provides light, space and unique character to the home both inside and out. Window treatment design for bay windows varies from simple, inside mount shades to multi-layered styles.

If there is wall space above and beside the bay consider treating the wall and not the inside the bay itself. This is a beautiful way to have a full sized treatment instead of a scaled down version fitted inside the bay. In this photo the bay window is layered with a beautiful shaped valance, panels and shades. The addition of a soft cushion and pillows turns this window into an inviting and cozy nook. (Photo from www.customdraperyandmore.com).

An outside mount bay window treatment can make a small bay look larger and frames the view and will make it the focal point of the room.

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