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Grommets with Flair

The popularity of grommet panels is growing and many modern interiors are adorned with this simple style. With the trend of loft or warehouse living the industrial style of a grommet is the perfect fit and style. But many other (perhaps older?) homeowners appreciate this style for it's simplicity.

Hardware is as varied as the fabric used to create the panels. Wooden poles, metal poles and even tension wires can carry grommet panels. Keep in mind that if a functioning grommet panel is needed do not choose rods with a rough finish, the grommets will not slide easily.

As grommets grow in popularity so do the styles of grommets available. You can now find grommets in many different materials from a variety of metals to plastics. There are round grommets of course but also triangular and square shapes.

Grommet Examples: www.kwikaffix.com

The two examples shown in the photos here are both great examples of taking a basic grommet panel and adding a twist. The panel above (www.autumnhillinteriors.com) is embellished with tailoring details such as tucks and small welt cord. The panel below (www.pleasuretomeasure.com) combines a simple pleat with a grommet which allows for more fullness to be used.

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