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Vintage Cowboy Book

~ Would someone please explain to me why it takes a pharmacy 30 minutes to refill a prescription that is already prepackaged? I know there are others ahead of me, but, it's almost like they enjoy making me come back later, when it only takes about 15 seconds to look up my ongoing script, take my money, and put the box into a bag. (And, of course, staple it ....What is the deal with pharmacies and stapling everything?) ~

Anyway, while waiting for my pharmacy to fill a (prepackaged!) prescription recently, I wandered into a tiny antique store two doors down. Lucky for me, I found the sweetest little book: The Brave Cowboy.

Originally published in 1959, The Brave Cowboy, by Joan Walsh Anglund, is the story of a young cowboy with a vivid imagination.

As with most children's books, the illustrations are the best part. The way in which the author/illustrator differentiates the boy's reality vs. dreams is thus: Reality is drawn in black sketches, while the imagined scenes are drawn in red.

The inner cover of this book is designed in a red and white checkerboard pattern. Tiny drawings of cowboy instruments fill the white squares.

Underneath the book's dust cover, I was delighted to find this adorable imprint.

This drawing of the 'heroic' cowboy, surrounded by imaginary little girls is just darling, don't you think?

You certainly don't see too many children's books with pictures of gun-toting toddlers these days.

The Brave Cowboy has been re-released over the years, most recently in 2000. But, I'm glad to have picked up this first edition to add to our family's library.

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