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Linings and Interlinings

Lining and Interlining materials play an important role in the overall function and beauty of custom window coverings.

Some of the benefits of using lining materials:
Adding lining helps to control light, provide insulation, gives a consistent appearance from outside the home, protects face fabrics, adds fullness and adds body allowing face fabrics hang, drape and perform better.

Wow! That's a lot of benefit out of something so reasonably priced.

Adding a layer of flannel interlining increases the insulating qualities of your window treatments.

Bump interlining combined with sateen lining give this smocked panel a luxurious finish.

Blackout lining allows this drapery panel to keep a true color, matching the wall paper. It also lets you sleep late and blocks the sun's harmful UV rays protecting interior furnishings.

French Blackout is a lining method where a layer of black lining material is placed between the interlining and outer lining. This provides blackout with a very soft and high end finish.

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