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Guest Post- Favorite Greige Paint Colors

Hello friends! Today I am over at Hyphen Interiors with some other fun bloggers sharing my go-to greige paint color.

So if your looking for that perfect greige paint color head on over and see all the great choices.Yesterday my photographer came over and took some shots of my office and some head shots of me. We had such a blast and I even had to do a last minute change to the space, running outside to spray paint something, hanging it on the wall still wet! And to top it all off- we didn't even use it because it just didn't feel right.Here's one of the shots she took of me. We were laughing because my necklace matched the pillow sitting next to me and we totally didn't plan it. And bless her heart for being so patient with me and my in-ability to "smile" when told- but she did offer some fun advice that totally worked. If you say the word "yes" over and over again it relaxes your jaw and causes a natural smile to appear. So I keep saying "yes, yes, yes, yes" - it sounded dumb but it worked! Glad no one else was home because they would have wondered what the heck we were doing in there! haha!!

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