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Broken Mirror = Good Luck!!

The old saying that a broken mirror brings bad luck- well not today!! I was at a local thrift store today wandering around. While I was there I heard a crash and saw that the store clerk had broken the mirror out of this beautiful antique looking frame. As she was cleaning up the shards of mirror I asked her "so whats the price of this now that the mirror is broken?" She said "oh- its worthless now- how about $5?" Oh yes she did!!! I kept calm trying not to break out into dance right there in the store and told her I would take it off her hands- (tee hee). So here it is. I believe it once was the top to a dressing table- it looks antique to me. I needs some TLC (i.e. spray paint). Its big too, over 35" wide and 36" tall. So the question I have for you is: what should I do with it? It looks AMAZING above my fireplace - I called around to get a quote for mirror replacment & they wanted $125! um no thank you. I thought chalk board but my husband would kill me if I put another chalk board in this house. Suggestions?

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