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Dinner for Schmucks

Laugh Out Loud HAAAA-Larious!!! This was a fun movie to see in a crowd. The theatre will respond and laugh in group togetherness... .It's funny, creative and perfectly casted. . Steve Carell and Paul Rudd's chemistry is energetic and comedic in nature. The rest of the supporting cast adds to the delicious humor. I kept imagining during the entire movie which schmuck I would have invited if I were asked to partake in a dinner like this. The concept = the person who brings the best schmuck wins a promotion! . There is a bit of idiot in all of us, Barry is not a hard character to relate to in that he just wants to fit in... but just about everything he touches goes to crap! LOL! I thought the plot was good, even though it did borrow from an older French film. There are not slow points, from beginning to end, the movie keeps you interested and laughing, which is a plus! This one comes highly recommended... visit the site at the link below and you can meet each of the schmucks!!! . RATING: A . Official Website and Trailer

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