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Laundry's ready :-)

Well It Is Finished. I did it! I got the laundry room makeover done BEFORE baby. I honestly didnt think I would finish it in time. I even thought climbing the ladder and painting would put me into labor (it didn't- Im STILL waiting for this little guy) Anyway- here is the before pictures. It was a catch all room for EVERYTHING- crafts, diapers, clothes, shoes, books, old decor, new decor, candles, Christmas wrapping paper, and list went on and on... ... ...

I went to Walmart and found this yummy yellow paint in the discount bin for $6!!! I hired a little helper... ... .

I then went to Hancock fabric and found this black and white fabric for $4 a yard! and I only needed 1-1/2 yards to cover the window, under the counter AND cover these old silver boxes.

I then got out my arsenal of black spray paint and went to town- painting baskets, boxes, and old stool, and wall decor. Here are the after pictures. I must say doing laundry is now so much fun (well almost)

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