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a union jack stool

So I've been eyeing all the union jack projects out there for some time now, and decided to try it on a small scale for my boys' room redo that is currently underway.

I've loved all the dressers I've seen but I needed something small to fit into an even smaller room that my 2 boys share.

Then it hit me. I've had this red stool sitting unused in my basement. Not only was it the perfect size for a tiny bedroom, but it was already red, now I only needed to paint the blue and white portions. Using a small flag I already had as a guide, I just eyeballed it, using masking tape and some acrylic paint. Then I heavily sanded the stool to cover any imperfections in my less than perfect lines, plus I love things really distressed. It will serve as a side table, or a step stool when needed.

I had barely finished this union jack stool when this fun union jack necklace arrived in the mail. I ordered it a few weeks back through Groopdealz and I love it!

Maybe now, I will get this whole union jack thing out of my system!

I have a few more projects I'm working on for my boys' room redo and a few other random ones I'm excited to share soon!

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