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Our Weekend

September, where are you going?! This last weekend was so fun, I feel like we are squeezing in every last bit of fun while the weather is still nice. Boise can be so hit and miss when it comes to weather so I will take this warm streak as long as I can! I'm sure any day now it will drop to like 30 and we won't see the sun for 6 months! I picked up Blake's littlest siblings on Saturday to have them spend the afternoon with me but when Blake got home he had us all jump in the car and go to a cute sushi bar, the kind where the sushi floats by on boats and you grab the ones that look best to you. We've been there a few times and it is so fun and different. Especially since it's a tiny room and kind of a hole-in-the-wall type of place it makes me feel like we found this great, secret place in our "big" city. The kids stayed the night with us so they could join us for church, where we met up with Blake's sister and her fiancé. We last minute, on Sunday, invited a huge group of friends and packed the boat and some jet skis for one last hurrah! I know, I keep saying this is our last time.. and I have been pleasantly surprised each time we go out again.. but I think this really was our last time! But, that evening we decided to go watch the blood moon/super moon from the hot springs in the mountains and it was a dream!! I wish so badly I had brought a camera! It was the perfect way to wind down into fall. xo Angela

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