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DIY Wreath

Im totally breaking all the traditional Christmas rules this year. First with not putting a wreath on my front door-but a stocking instead. Then going with black and white instead of my traditional red and gold on the staircase.

And now-the square wreath- I've seen these in magazines but could not find one in the stores-(well at least within my budget). So I had this picture frame sitting in the closet that I had purchased for $1 at a garage sale (I KNEW one day it would come in handy). I took 2 garlands and wrapped them around the frame securing it with wire-unfortunately I forgot to take my before photo. I hung it with ribbon from my dining room curtain rod-but it still needed something. ahhhh that $4 chandelier ornament! PERFECT!

I had a little trouble getting a good shot due to the gray day we are having today. So for under $10 I got my square, errr rectangle wreath!

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