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Tomato Cage Trees


I love the idea of having a small tree for each room-but lets be honest with 3 small children, a dog, and a household to run-I can barely put up ONE tree. So I found a solution. It only takes about 30 min. to make, but the best part is you only do it ONCE. After the Holidays are over you just unplug these trees and store them for next year-decorated and all.

1 tomato cage (from any local garden center-they usually have these ALL year round-you just have to ask)

3-9ft garlands (the cheap wire kind-usually $2.99 each at Michaels or Hobby Lobby)

1-Strand of 100 set white lights-or any color you choose

Small gage wire (for wiring on the ornaments)


Ornaments of your choice (I try to theme each of my trees for the room they are in)

The How To:
Turn you tomato cage upside down so it looks like a "tree"

Take you wire and gather the "legs" of the cage and tie them together (kinda like a t-pee)

Take your garland and starting at the base wrap the garland around the tree. Bend the branches around the wire to secure. You will have to "fluff" the tree once you have wrapped all the garlands around.

Next begin wrapping your lights around the tree-wrap the branches around the light strand to secure the lights.

Last- decorate! Use wire to secure your ornaments -so when you go to store the tree you wont lose any.
Be creative- add silk flowers, small stockings, children's small toys- the possibilities are endless. You CAN have a tree for every room-and all you will need to do to set it up is plug it in!!

I have one in my foyer:

One in my family room:

One in our bedroom:

My black, white & silver tree:

You can also do these for your outdoor decor. Just be sure to use weather proof ornaments. These would be beautiful on top of a large garden urn by the front door.

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