A Vintage Crate + table

Fresh & Clutter Free

Ahhh if only that were true of my house. I always want a fresh start in January-organized closets, cleaned out cubbards, fresh new towels, etc... . it never happens but I do still try every year to clean out parts of my home. *sigh* its a never ending project Im sure most of you can relate- especially if you have small midgets underfoot who "undo" everything you "do". Anyway- I posted a few pics of my winter-clean decor. Its not Pottery Barn but it will do. (anyone else every dream of going into Pottery Barn and buying whatever your heart desires?)
Also if any of you super-organized, clutter-free pepole out there have any great ideas for my "just shoot me now" pantry let me know.

My $5 Zebra rug from Ross-love it in the New Laundry Room

Fireplace Mantel

My $4 white bird from Tar-jey


Entry way

Front door Valentine Wreath

Table in Living Room

Coffee Table

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