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Riad & a Rug

I love it when the man in brown (A.K.A-UPS) brings me goodies.
Today he brought me a bevy of Windsor Smith fabric samples- I know you've seen the Riad print-many times over- but I didnt realize all the different colorways there are:

Left to right:Riad in Akuatik (aqua), Silver, Indigo, and Sea foam.
Im loving the sea foam and contemplating using it as drapery in my master bedroom- but hubby likes the silver as well- so we'll see.
I also got in a sample of Schumacher's Camberwell Vase- which pairs really well with the Riad in Sea Foam.

And the other goodie the man in brown delivered:

Rug USA- Chevron in charcoal.

I immediately rolled it out in the living room and did a little happy dance- my daughter then comes in from school and says "my eyes, my eyes" complaining that it looked like an optical illusion. *sigh* talk about letting the air out of my balloon. Then hubby comes home- takes one look and walks away. What is wrong with these people!!?? LOL. But in hubbys defense he said "honey, you pick the paint, I pick the movies". That is our little saying we have between one another-he has learned that Im good at choosing things for our home and trust my instincts- and he is crazy good at picking movies-seriously- when Im like "umm I don't know, that looks weird", then I watch the movie and Im like "that was the best movie ever!!!". So, I pick the paint, he picks the movies and we live happily ever after!
I also wanted to give a little shout out to my friend Lori from Lori May Interiors for her clients bedroom being featured on the West Elm blog. So excited for her! Head over to West Elm to see the amazing job she did.
Have a great weekend my friends!! We're celebrating my husbands birthday and Im getting my hair did! (it so needs it). Cheers!

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