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Sick lil Doggie

Our 11 yr old Westie -McKenzie is having some health issues. I spent a good portion of Saturday morning at the vet. They ran blood test, urine test and who knows what else. She's having a mixture of several problems- one being a double ear infection thats causing her to have fainting-like spells- its so sad she will start to walk then get off balance and flip over on her back and start flailing about like a turtle who cant get up. They are also concerned she is in the early stages of kidney failure- she has been having accidents multiple times a day in the house- which is so out of the norm for her- she NEVER pottys in the house. She has a heart murmur -and very low heart rate. Im waiting to hear back from the Dr. about her blood results today- so we'll see whats the next step. Its hard because she is truly our first child- my husband bought her for me when we were 1st married to keep me company. Watching her age like this has not been easy.
Anyway-enough of the doggie talk- I was hoping to have some pics of the boys room for you this week- I still have the other headboard to finish and also waiting for some sunshine so I can take some decent photos. Im tweaking the living room as well now that I have the new chevron rug in place- and thank you all for the encouraging comments about the rug. It seems many of you have hubbys and kids who are not always on board with your decorating decisions. They will learn to love it! hee hee. One commenter mentioned she had a similar rug and gets dizzy when she vacuums hers- LOL.

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