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a pearl of a find

I found this little beauty at my favorite little thrift store.

She was a plain dark wood color, very boring, but had beautiful lines, with 9 fun apothecary type drawers. I was trying to be a little creative by trying different dry brush effects on it (first white on brown, then gray on white). But after several disappointing attempts
I ended up with this classic shabby white finish.

{I added these sweet porcelein knobs.}

After each attempt at finishing this piece in a creative way I would just sit and stare at it and think, I just don't know if I love it. Once I painted it all white and added distressing, I knew I loved it and wasn't sure if I even wanted to sell it. That's how I knew it was done. When I have in mind to sell something but then decide maybe I'll keep it, that's when I know it's complete.

She reminds me of a library card catalog, great for small storage.I think I'll call her... Pearl (sounds like a cute, old Librarian, right?).

I do love this. However, it must go to a new home.If you are interested in bringing Pearl home email me for more info.

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