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John Mayer - Battle Studies

This is another mellow and chill CD. This weekend, I took a drive to the car wash in the first sunny somewhat Spring day we've had so far. It was gorgeous out. I had my windows cracked to feel the crisp breeze. I was listening to John Mayer's new CD as part of the experience... the music was perfect to fit the mood!

My favorite track is "Heartbreak Warfare." The song reminisces the heartache of trying to love someone. Additionally, "All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye" is a tough pill to swallow. So much so that you go back and keep swallowing it over and over. It's a beautiful sad song! Lyrically, John is typically in touch with his soul and is able to express his emotions in such simplicity!

His sound has not changed. If you've always liked him, you'll like the album. If you've never liked him, stay clear of the album. It is that same guitar, folky, soft sounding sound!

John hasn't marketed this album as much as he has others in the past. Perhaps he has a big enough fan base now that he has no need to market well. The album is overall good. It does leave you relaxed and wondering where do all of his melodies and lyrics come from?

Heartbreak Warfare

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