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Robyn - She's Back!!

Back this year with a total of 3... yes, three new albums for our pleasured ears! Her concept is that she wants to have one creative flow of writing and producing music with no breaks, hoping to go from album to album. Rumor has it, her first album is due out in late spring, followed by a summer album and the another this autumn.

Robyn has been on the scene since the 90's with her hit single "Show Me Love." She's since re-emerged in the past few years with some really catchy electropop tracks like: "With Every Heartbeat" and "Dream On."

I'm looking forward to her new stuff. Her voice is distinct; and she has a very unique style. Although some of her lyrics are a bit crass, she's still fun. Her spring album is going to be highly anticipated! Check out the first taste of it: Fambots

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