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I found this beautifully distressed and chippy white adirondack chair from my local online classifieds.

I added it to the metal lounge chair that my neighbor was throwing away. My husband had gone to help some neighbors move and it was in the trash pile, so he brought it home to me, thinking I would probably want it--he was right.

This old headboard used to be in my daughter's room. With a little chalkboard paint I can add notes or inspirational messages.

I bought this cute table recently at TJMaxx-I loved that it matches the adirondack chairs' style with the wood slats.

When the sun comes out, which lately is not nearly enough, I can be found here with my favorite decorating reads.

There's nothing like sitting out in the sun with a good book to boost your mood,especially after a long winter. So take some time to ... sit, relax and read.

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