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cheers & au revoir

One week from today I will be touring the streets on London with my wonderful husband- sans kids!

We will be having high tea at the Brown's Hotel

and taking a private photography class from Hairy Goat- learning how to take professional photos of the sites and scenery of London. *squee*
After a few days in London we will take the train over to-- Paris!!

Where I plan on eating lots of Crepes & Macaroons while sipping coffee at the local cafe.

I've even scoped out some thrift stores where the locals shop for designer goods. Can you say hello Chanel suit? or maybe a pair of Louboutin's?
I am beside myself with glee and can't wait to come back and share all the pics with you.Have you been to London or Paris? any tips or must-see places? And does anyone know of great restaurants that are vegetarian friendly? I may just live on wine, cheese and croissants while in Paris.

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