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Clash of the Titans (2010)

It was ok... just ok! However, I don't think I expected more than what was delivered by this film. The script was filled with cheesy one-liners. The sets looked a little dated, as if they re-used sets from other movies. To its credit though, it was an entertaining movie. I think action loving kids would like this film.

The Pegasus and the scorpions were cool. There were some other special effects that were fun to watch, particularly the Kraken coming up out of the water at the end! I refused to see the film in 3D... I knew it would not be worth the extra ticket price just to see a 3D film. I'm thinking about boycotting all 3D films until "Avatar II."

There are some fun references to the original "Clash of the Titans" film. A true fan of the original would pick up on these easily. Ralph Fiennes played a really good Hades... creepy actually. He's been good at that kind of dark role (Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter, Francis in the Red Dragon). Sam Worthington's acting was not as wonderful... his facial expression never matched the emotion you thought he would be feeling with the words he was speaking... it was borderline awkward.



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