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Kaskade - Dynasty

Kaskade has a new album coming out... I'm so excited! It's going to be great, I'm sure. He's an amazing House DJ. I saw him perform live on two occasions... once at Smart Bar in Chicago and once in Columbus, OH (Can't remember the name of the bar). His music is fun and uplifting! . The rumored track list is as follows: (I love that he collaborated with Tiesto) 1. START AGAIN (FEAT. BECKY JEAN WILLIAMS) 2. DON’T STOP DANCING with EDX (FEAT. HALEY) 3. DYNASTY (FEAT. HALEY) 4. SAY IT’S OVER (FEAT. MINDY GLEDHILL) 5. FIRE IN YOUR NEW SHOES (FEAT. DRAGONETTE) 6. HUMAN REACTOR (FEAT. POLINA) 7. ONLY YOU with TIËSTO (FEAT. HALEY) 8. CALL OUT (FEAT. MINDY GLEDHILL) 9. TO THE SKIES (FEAT. POLINA) 10. DON’T WAIT (FEAT. HALEY) 11. EMPTY STREETS (FEAT. BECKY JEAN WILLIAMS) 12. ALL THAT YOU GIVE (FEAT. MINDY GLEDHILL) His first single will be "Dynasty," which is available on iTunes... Go Check it out!

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