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Princess Dreams

A few days ago my sister and I went and saw the new Cinderella movie, and oh my, it was adorable! As kids the two of us used to watch the cartoon over and over again, probably dressed in tutu's! At the movie, we both kept looking at each other at the beginning of the movie with so much anticipation to how she would look all dressed up! Not that we are any type of movie critic but we thought they did such a good job with the new movie. We left the theatre all giggly and wishing we could dress up and smile, perfectly poised, out at our kingdom. Maybe it's just me, but I totally fall for the fantasy. So, in honor of bringing back the little girl in me who wanted to grow up to be a princess, I put together a list of my princess favorites! Of course, most of these are fantasy as well, but it does make me want to put on a flowy dress, some beautiful jewels and go on a gorgeous date with my prince. No matter how cheesy that sounds! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a beautiful Easter. xo Angela

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