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Sex and the City 2 - Soundtrack

If it's any movie soundtrack you should buy this year... it should be this one! The collection is filled with fun summer tunes that will keep you jamming in your car in long summer drives. This is right in line with the 1st movie's 2 soundtracks. The music is selected with great precision by the "Sex and the City" makers, similar to the show's soundtracks back in early 2000's. . I particularly like Alicia Keys' cover of Blondie's Rapture, which samples the "Sex and the City" theme. Dido's track "Everything to Lose" is sultry fun with a good base kick. There are also plenty of tracks with the middle eastern flare to encompass the fab-foursome's trip to that exotic region! . The men's choir tracks are fun, but nothing takes the cake to Liza Minnelli covering Beyonce's Single Ladies! I love it! I hope the movie is great! Make sure to get your advance tickets for opening night, this one's selling out! . RATING: A . Alicia Keys - Rapture

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