A Vintage Crate + [TIME]

Yet another garage sale... ..

So this weekend I decided to venture out... ... as in over 60 miles from my home! I know, I know, the yard sale rules... .stay close to home. I had my reasons, one being there were NO good sales near me. This one was a community wide sale with over 50 homes participating (which I found to be a little over exaggerated) So off I went. The sale was posted as a start time of 9am- which is LATE for those of you who "know" how to shop. So I got there at 7am and let me tell you- I now wish I had been there at 6:30- there were trucks already laden with "stuff", people scurrying about-madness I tell ya! But I did manage to find some deals-no furniture-which was my may reason for going-but still some fun stuff.

Everything in this picture was purchased for $5 (a piece) or less

The off white wrought iron piece will be spray painted black and put in my newly painted living room (which I STILL haven't posted before & afters yet *sigh* I'll get to it)

This amazing $5 chocolate brown wool rug- fit perfectly in my bedroom-of course I still need to vacuum it.

These great locker room baskets (which I see everywhere now). She wanted $1 a piece-they were stuck together with a melted candle- so she said "ok-how about $5 for the whole lot" Yep 12 baskets for $5!!!

This lamp-which does NOT need spray paint or new shades- its perfect AS IS-was $5 and looks cute in my daughters room.

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