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Four Tet - There is Love in You

Four Tet, a master of ambient lounge music... perfect for a cocktail party and a mixing of social groups! I've mostly only ever heard music that Four Tet has mixed for other groups. I never really appreciated the talent of this artist until recently listening through their newest album: "There is Love in You."

One of the most dynamic tracks is "Angel Echoes," where clips of voices are sliced and diced to make a melody of sorts. At first it disturbs you, then you end up wanting to listen to it again and again. There is no lack of creativity with this artist.

There are not too many vocals on this CD. So if you are someone who hates music without singing in it, then don't get the album. However, I personally don't think anything is missed. The music is interesting enough that it carries itself. I look at this album as another piece of abstract art... at the very least, it moves me to appreciate another music style I have not examined before!



Angel Echoes

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