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Lobster Tails

lobsterlobsterlobsterlobster ^^ Maya was pretty sure this dinner was being made for herLobsterLobsterLobsterLobster Tonight, for the first time ever, I made lobster tails at home! One of my favorite dishes of all time is a lobster appetizer at Ruth's Chris. They do theirs lightly breaded with a chipotle cream sauce. We did ours broiled which turned out delicious with butter and lemon. I have never cooked with lobster before so that was a new experience. The shells are more crumbly than I had expected when they are fresh but once cooked, they are soft and pliable. It was the perfect night to spend the evening on the deck outside, relaxing from the week. After our dinner we rode bikes to Blue Cow, a frozen yogurt shop for some dessert! Getting some fresh air tonight was definitely a welcome way to start the weekend. I hope everyone has a great weekend! xo Angela

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