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Sarah McLachlan - Laws of Illusion

This is a pure growing artist... every album becomes far superior to the previous, and Sarah McLachlan has done it again. Every track is full of raw emotional lyrics and subtle innuendos. She is somber and dark, yet soft and appealing.

Some of her new tracks have a subtle country layer to them. Her sound is unique to her voice and mixed well with the recording. My favorite tracks are "Love Come" and "Heartbreak." Love Come resembles "Train Wreck" from her 2004 Album "Afterglow." It has a haunting melody and perfectly crafted words to match the song's feeling. Heartbreak is a little lighter and has a more pop feel to it, but still in Sarah fashion.

I'm still a huge fan of the first single from the album, which was released months ago "U Want Me 2," also a great track! "Forgiveness" will remind many fans of the songs from the album "Surfacing" in the way that it tells a story and flows from beginning to end.

Overall, wonderful album, a much needed chill album for the summer leading into the late long hot nights to come! The album is available today on iTunes... .GET YOUR COPY!!!!



U Want Me 2

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